Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Blog (or two, or three...) A Day...

If it's true that laughter is the best medicine, then my "Blog a Day" policy must be what's keeping me healthy...At the very least it's keeping me sane, in spite of the ups and downs of life with kids. I started blogging to keep my family up to date on the insignificant bits of my life, but I found my way into a whole new world; I feel a bit like Alice going down the rabbit hole, and truly some of the characters I've met are equally as strange as those she comes across on her adventure. There is a small difference though, I'm not looking for the way out of Bloggerland because I've found some amazing people out there, really talented people, that can make me laugh, even when they write about nothing at all. My blog roll started off small, but one blog leads to another and I keep adding new friends to my list all the time. It says "A Blog a Day", but to be honest, I read more than one blog a day, and often I find myself spending more time reading other people's blogs and leaving comments than I do writing my own posts. I have realized, however, that I've been paying far too much lip service to one particular blogger (which may be the reason he made me Adjutant Inspector) and I decided it's high time I sing the praises of some other deserving bloggers that are out there. Lucky for me we have modern technology, so I won't be needing this guy's method:

The Ice Queen is one of my favorites, and seeing as Minka has named me her Royal Advisor (I was vying to be Duchess, but since I can't pronounce those tricky Icelandic place names, I'll just stick to Royal Advisor), this shout-out is way overdue. I visit her everyday, and I think, "Thank God for Internet", otherwise flying over to Iceland could get quite expensive (Someday I really will fly over to see you, Minka). There's all sorts of funny stuff to be found over here, great pictures of Iceland, curious facts, and of course Thursday Trivia. So, when you're done here, go hail to our Queen of Penguins.

Then there's G's Simply Said, which is just that - G, simply saying whatever comes to her mind (At least that's what I think, I haven't actually found a way of looking into people's minds, for all I know she may be thinking of a really hot male model while writing about bubble tea). Some posts are flat out funny (I'm positive G must have an extra funny bone somewhere) , some are poigniant, but whatever the mood there's always something worth reading.

And last, but certainly not least, is Neva with Puppytoes. I had a hard time figuring out just who she was, because at times she is Neva, on other occasions she is Snuppy, and sometimes she is a certain-blogger-who-shall-not-be-named's Crazy Aunt Neva (Neva, did I get all your personalities straight?). You'll find the Dalai Bobo's brain-tickling thoughts at her place, and some irresistable pictures of Bobo to go along with them.

These three ladies have found their way into my life, or maybe it's me who's found my way into theirs, but however it's happened, they brighten my day and I hope they'll brighten yours too. And anyone who can tell me what they have in common gets extra points. What are the points for? Um, well, when I figure that out I'll get back to you...


  1. wow, theresa..I am truly honoured. And I feel it is only fitting that I comment first, old habits die hard:)

    Your blog is always on my daily route and there´s no question that you amuse and enlighten us almost always. Except when you buy new kitchen aids... :)

    I know what we three ladies have in common, I´ll collect my prize, wait...can I collect my points until I get a Thermomix, in say 2073?

    Thank you so much for that shout-out. I think it is my first time and I am bathing in pride right now. I´ll get over myself, say next Thursday?

    Thank you so much and I am glad we entered eahc other´s lifes.

    I have met both snuppy(puppytoes, crazy aunt...) and G and I can tell you there is not only one funny bone within those two. They are amazing and I am glad we were all three nominated in the same category: "Most Fabulous Snarksters" plus/ minus "he that shall not be named" :)

  2. It's very sweet of you to recognize other blogs like that. All of the blogs you mentioned are really wonderful.

  3. I'll check these out. Ever try a blog trip? Try linking out through the blogs, say 6 or 7 and into unknown ones and then see if you can get back to your own without repeating. I posted one such road tour a couple of weeks ago and found some great new blogs in the process.

  4. theresa you have great taste as usual!

    Survey says... that what they all have in common is... that they are all NBFFs! (?)

    Points?! I thought you were giving out tickets to something.

  5. Hi Theresa...Good for you. That's a neat and "unselfish" (remembered from Quilly's blog today) way to give a big "hug" to your blogger buddies.

    I look for YOU everyday, and Minka and Quilly's Quips (All so prolific and humourous). I always read Neva's Puppytoes, but I have so much trouble (with my machine, I think) I can't get a comment in to her. So I just shut my mouth and try to absorb the wisedom. And if I have LOTS of time, I was lucky enough to have recently found Dan-of-a-thousand-comments. You are all great reads. I'm going to check out G because of the great recommendation. Thank you Thersa.....Judy

  6. I love the shout-outs...and now I have even more blogs to occupy my time (I know what you mean about spending more time reading and commenting than writing).

  7. Minka: It was way overdue, because I love visiting the three of you, and I think others will too. I found you all through a certain blog we all know and love, and you in turn have led me to many more wonderful blogs. The problem is that I never have time to read all my favorites - Oh, the woes of blog overload!

    Dan: One of these days I'll get around to doing a shout-out for your blog too, I have to say I really enjoy it. But I don't think I'll be doing a shout-out every week, I've never been much good at keeping a schedule. Besides, I live in Spain which is sort of the anti-schedule country.

    Variant: A blog trip? That sounds a bit like doing drugs...Well, maybe blogging is a drug. I'll try it and see what happens.

    ZOA: Okay, you have now collected enough points for me to buy you a beer when you come over.

    j.d.: When I like something, I like to share it. I love your blog too, was over this morning and had a good laugh about the bread-making adventure. I'll have to pop over to Quilly's, it's been a few days since my last visit. Too many blogs, too little time...

    Jocelyn: Well, I though you looked a little bored, so I figured you needed some new blogs to visit. Now, I'm off to make some comments...

  8. Oh, how it can be addictive!

    In the last few months, I've been severely neglecting mine. But I'll never stop reading my faves!

  9. Laughter is always the best medicine

  10. Theresa, you, my friend, are a delight! and i, for one will be eternally grateful you found me/i found you! (i'm thinking we collided via "The Blogger Who Shall Not Be Named", but i can't be sure)

    and to have me grouped in with 2 of my VERY BEST FRIENDS in the Blogosphere is an honor i don't take lightly. does G have more than one funny bone in her body? hell yeah! she's a riot and a half, that one. and one of the most wonderful and genuine people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting. and i could wax poetic all day and WELL into the night about Minka (Monika, Teh Penguin) because she is beyond wonderful. the daughter i never had. (Miz BoheMia is the other "sister/daughter/girlfriend" who currently shares a continent with you, but will soon be back on our side of the Atlantic!)

    you fit in like a perfect glove, probably one worn by the glam/stylish Audrey Hepburn, herself. thank you for this "shout out" -- and know that the feeling is mutual!

    and yeah, don't ask me how i wound up with so many "identities", for i have no idea. but GOOD job keepin' 'em all straight! : ) xox

  11. since I know you are being err watched right now by the humor police I figured I'd hit your blog button 500 times in a row. Oh oops I just told them I did that...

  12. Kfk: Pretty soon they'll have to come up with a Blogaholic group. I'm enjoying my blog, watching it evolve (sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own) and just as much fun discovering other people's blogs.

    Myutopia: You betcha!

    Neva: Glad you liked this shout-out, you all deserve it. I found all three of you, plus the Blogger Who Shall Not Be Named" (This is beginning to sound like something out of Harry Potter), through a blog that's "central" to you all. I am having a great time with all your blogs, because they are all brilliant!

    Rjlight: Oh no, now they'll be watching you too.

  13. Boy did I pick a terrible time to be incommunicado with family stuff!!!

    Firstly thank you so much for this sweet shout-out Theresa! I think that you captured my blog perfectly. I mean what I write about - which is whatever comes to mind. As to what's on my mind - how about a hot male model sipping bubble tea or we're sipping it together then... ;)

    I am with you on the whole blogging thing - you start down the rabbit hole for one reason and discover some really wonderful people that you would otherwise not have come into contact with. Your blog is such a place for me too and am so glad to have met you through the "he who shall not be named". As to being mentioned with Neva and Monika - well it seems just perfect to me. They both have a special place in my heart from here on out. Have a wonderful weekend! XOX

  14. Oh and Zoning - good guess on the NBFF thing. Neva and I are NBFF's and Monika is like the lovely/perfect niece we'd all love to have (besides the lovely/perfect nieces I am already genetically attached to).

  15. G: Oh, I know how that family stuff goes. I'm glad you liked shout-out, and you most definitely deserve it. I couldn't have done a shout-out for one of you and not include the other two, because I love visiting all three of you. Each of your blogs is different, but they each have something special that makes them worth visiting.