Thursday, May 10, 2007

Men vs. Women

I have just been running all over Pamplona, buying something to wear to RocĂ­o's Communion, as well as something for Carmen to wear, and something for Vio to wear. After about 20 some odd shops, and going back to these same shops to have another look, mission accomplished. My husband, on the other hand, looked in his closet and said, "I think I'll just wear these pants, this shirt, and this jacket - I don't really need to wear a tie, right?"

Considering this, I just had to share the differences between men and women:

True, or not?


  1. great videoclip and so true!!!!!!!

  2. I know, isn't it? I especially love the bit about seduction and going to the toilet.

  3. sadly, very true.

    conslusion: we are just so much more complex cretaures ;)

    oh...Eurovision in exactly 1 minute. Feel free to vote for Iceland :)

  4. D'oh! I have to say I think
    I have managed to turn the tables a smidge.
    My husband shares the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.
    When I've had to take business trips I always knew the kids were in great hands.
    My son has been edu-macated as well and also does his own laundry.
    I can't get the men to watch or God forbid CRY at any girlie fufu movies, but the girls fill in just fine! :0) theresa thank you so much for that great clip!!!
    It's a great reminder of how good I have it! :0)

  5. minka: You bet we are complex creatures, that's why we can do more than one thing at once, and men usually can't.

    Eurovision? I didn't even know it was on, Spain's song must have been really bad this year because they haven't even announced it on tv. Too bad I missed it. Who won?

    ZOA: We're both lucky then, because mine cooks, cleans and takes care of the girls too. I really have found the perfect mate, like they say at the end of the clip. He even puts up with my blogging. All that is much more important than getting them to watch girlie fufu movies :)

  6. The clothing conversation sounds oddly familiar.

    My husband also handles his fair share. Okay, cleaning has different meanings to us - true. But I have blissfully been phased out of the cooking department and nobody takes as good care of the kiddies as their Daddy...of course except Mommy.

    But having said all that, the video clip was very cute and hit on some truisms.

  7. G: So, you are a lucky woman too, having a husband who cooks and takes care of the kids. The cleaning thing must be genetic, their eyes just work differently from ours.