Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Today is my nephew Joseph's second birthday, and since we live on two separate continents, getting to his party on time might be kind of hard, so my kids did this little birthday video for him:

Today is also the day Audrey Hepburn was born, and considering my blog title, it seemed appropriate to mention it. She also happens to be one of my favorite actresses, and in my eyes, she was one of the world's finest, most elegant women to have ever graced the screen. Here's a beautiful tribute to her.


  1. How sweet of the girls to sing to Joseph!

    yes Audrey Hepburn was one of my favorite movie stars also.

  2. Your girls are SOOO beautiful!!!!
    I too love Audrey Hepburn. Actually, recently I was considering cutting my hair very short like she used to wear it. Still thinking about it but I'm a big chicken! :0)
    Thanks for the tribute link!
    Good luck over at diesel's place, you've got some really funny captions!

  3. Sorry it took me so long to get you added to I've been slacking....

  4. Thank you for the video- Joseph loved it!

  5. Your girls are adorable (as is your nephew) and such a sweet birthday tribute. I agree on Audrey Hepburn, now let me go check out the tribute.

    Ooh, I also wanted to read your post below.

  6. That is indeed a beautiful tribute. I think if Audrey Hepburn were a lamp, she'd look like my avatar.

  7. I'm in love with your three little Audrey Hepburns there.

  8. Mem: We figured since we couldn't be there this would be the next best thing. It took us four takes, since Vio kept jumping around and she burped in the middle of one of them.

    ZOA: Thanks, I think so too, but I'm their mother, so I would say that no matter what. I loved Audrey's haircut and some of those funky hats she used to wear, too bad hats have gone out of style. If you feel good about the cut, go for it. Your captions are great too, but I have the feeling g's going to win this one :)

    Diesel: No problem, I know you are busy coming up with your next hilarious post, that will have us all in fits of laughter as usual. No pressure here ;)

    Jim: I'm glad Joseph liked it, we miss you all, and wish we could have been there for his birthday.

    g: Thanks, although they aren't always as sweet as they look. They are great kids though. You're right, if Audrey were a lamp, she'd definitely look like your very cool avatar.

    Jocelyn: Thanks, it's hard not to love them, except when they're whining, fighting with each other, and refusing to eat. But then they put on their cute faces, and you just have to forgive them.