Monday, May 7, 2007

Go Zone Out for a While

While I'm out shopping again this afternoon, this time for Vio's shoes (so, more whining ahead), I'll leave you with Zoning Out Again, with her hilarious post on why she's zoning out. The reason, her kids. This post will just keep you in stitches, anyone who has kids knows that stuff like “MOOOOM, she used my brush and now her putrid hair is all over it!” is enough to make even the best Moms zone out. I will now be zoning out while you get over there and read this seriously funny post.


  1. Nope. Actually, I'm staying right here until you get back and *tell us all what you bought.*

    I live vicariously through other people's purchases. I hope you got us something good.

  2. SWEET! Thanks for the great shout-out!!! I finally figured out how to link you to my page! YAY!

    So that's how you get points on I thought I had to suck up to diesel every single day! Now I can cancel that appointment to get a tattoo of his banner on my bum!

    and yes we can't wait to hear about your shoe buying adventure!
    :0) That's always a blast!

  3. Jocelyn: Have you been up all night, anxiously awaiting my return? Well, here I am with some new shoes for... Violeta. It took us two hours and some bribing with candy, but hey, mission accomplished. Sorry, nothing for you, or for me for that matter.

    ZOA: I just loved your post, I think every parent in the world can relate to that. I am always having three simultaneous conversations with my kids, and having to hear "Mamá, she's touching me. Mamá, she called me 'cara-culo', and Mamá, she's looking at me"

    Yup, that's how it works at least in part. However, I'm sure sucking up to him won't hurt, since he is the owner, reviewer, etc. of

    Buying shoes is only a blast when its for yourself. Buying shoes for the kids is only a bit higher on my list than cleaning the bathroom.

  4. Boy, aren't you two getting cozy? Maybe you could stalk each other for a while? ;)

  5. If you're hinting for a threesome...'re on! :0)

  6. hey, why do you get my points when I click. Alright then, but you owe me chocolate at soem point.
    Zoning out...yeah I have seen her aorund the bloggoverse of late...I´ll swoop right over!

    and ummmm....well, as you were!