Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Everybody Shop Now!

With Ro's Communion just 4 days away, today it's my turn to go shopping! I am finally finished with the kids. Everyone's got something to wear except me, so today I'm hitting the streets of Pamplona in search of the perfect, and not too expensive outfit.

While I'm out, here's a spicy shopping clip to keep you in stitches:

Or if you prefer to dream a little, watch this, and think about what you'd do if you had a million dollars.

Now if I had a million dollars, instead of going out to shop, I'd bring the shopping to me.


  1. WOW! That first clip was INSANE!!!
    Funny how that is exactly what I look like trying on bathing suites! SO sad and SO true.
    Actually I think he looks better!

    If I had a Million Dollars I wouldn't be online stalking diesel's page every 5 minutes to see if he left me any comments. :0)
    Okay, yes I probably would but I would be doing it from a yacht!

    Oh, check out this guy's blog. I tripped over it and thought it was pretty funny:
    Spooky's Blog

    Have fun shopping! If you go out to lunch, have a glass of wine for me, and if you happen to have your camera with you, post us a picture of what the stores and shopping area look like. I'm sure it's much more interesting than the Malls here in the US. :0) TAKE US WITH YOU!

  2. Come on, I'm sure you look great. Now, can you just imagine some bloggers we know trying on that outfit? ;)

    Hmm, checking blogs from a yacht, now that is a great idea!

    No, no lunch, and no luck shopping :(
    I'll have to try again tomorrow, since shopping with kids is out of the question. Ok, I'll take some pics, at least if I don't find anything I'll still have fun. Hop on a plane and come shopping with me!

  3. Oh BOOO that you didn't have any luck shopping for yourself.
    Of course you can't take the kiddos with you! You must go out alone or with a friend, have lunch and a glass of wine to unwind and then shop til you drop! SO MUCH MORE FUN! (I'll be out there first thing next week.)

    If you were talking about you-know-who'bie trying on that outfit, please don't give him any ideas. It may be the next caption contest.

    I'll put some photos up of our shopping areas for you. I'll also post some cool photos I took from a really old train trestle I considered jumping from today after seeing neither of us was chosen for diesel's crummy top 10
    caption contest. >:0( still bitter! How about you?

  4. Done shopping. Went out and conquered Pamplona, then came home and had lunch (lunch here is at 3 in the afternoon)with hubby and with wine; wine is a must at any Spanish lunch. Took some pics and will try to get them up soon, just have to share Pamplona shopping with the world!

    Now that would make a hilarious caption contest, you-know-who trying on an outfit like that. Of course it could really get out of hand, I can just imagine some of the obscene captions people might think up. ;) And don't you dare jump! Diesel is not worth that, besides you have to stick around for the next contest :)

  5. Hilarious the first clip.

    Especially how the bou at the end, screams out "Daddy?"