Sunday, May 6, 2007


Running out of time, a bit frantic! Less than one week to Ro's First Communion. Have only fragments of coherent thought left. Less than a week to go. Still nothing to wear. Ahhhh! Spent all of Saturday shopping with whining kids. Got up today, ironed something quick, dragged unwilling Violeta out of house, went to Mass. Today all the kids doing First Communion presented to the community (kind of like debutantes being presented to society, but with no dancing). Got big guilt trip from priest... "Parents should make an effort to come to Mass with their children every Sunday, not enough money has been donated to pay for the new church, people see the church as a kind of store, where they take what they need and leave the rest"...blah, blah, blah. No wonder people stop coming. All this on Mother's Day here in Spain. They did sing a jota in honor of all mothers (if you don't know what a jota is check here). Now bordering hysterics, have to clean house, brother in law coming to stay. Still no outfit, hope the church doesn't have "No shoes, no shirt - no service" policy. Next week will take up camp in El Corte Ingl├ęs 'til clothing issue is resolved....


  1. Breathe!!! Calm, you are calming now, breathe. Okay, now get yourself to Zara; I found plenty there that I wanted to take home with me. And if you see any shoes that I should have, I give you my permission to buy them for me.

  2. where do you find the time to keep writing this blog. I'm glad you do though. Oh and Happy Mothersday! Did the girls treat you well today??????? I think Spain is the only country where they have mothersday today and the rest follows next week.

  3. kfk: Already been to Zara, we have 2 here, so I'll check out the other one and see if I missed something. I think you should come back to Spain just to go shoe shopping; come with a very large empty suitcase because there are so many beautiful pairs to choose from.

    Mem: This blog is the only thing that keeps me sane, if I'm blogging I'm not thinking about all the stuff I have to do. Now it's Monday morning, and since most of the shops are closed I'm cooking and blogging. Multitasking, that's where it's at. Mother's Day was good, I got a really nice card and a book on HTML,XHTML, and CSS (computer code), which is exactly what I wanted (I must be really weird; most mothers want perfume, jewlery, clothes, etc.). I looked up Mother's Day in Wikipedia, and it seems it is celebrated on many different days. Most are on the second Sunday in May, but in France it's the 4th Sunday, and in England it's the 4th sunday of Lent (this year in March), so it kind of depends.

  4. Happy Mother's Day!!!
    It doesn't sound like you got to relax though! Make sure you get a rain check! (buy yourself some shoes!) :0)