Thursday, May 17, 2007

Automatic Confession

Someone found this on Internet, and sent it to my husband. Yes, that's what college professors really do (aside from "eating hard candies out of a bag kept in their top drawers" and "playing Corridor Crash in their rolling chairs", according to Jocelyn over at O Mighty Crisis); they send each other jokes and other funny stuff. At least that way they don't despair at their students lack of motivation and their horrible grammar (Well, they don't despair quite so much).

From time to time, my husband shares some of these delightful tidbits with me; some are dirty, some are odd, and some just leave you in a fit of laughter. The other day he showed me this clip, and I found it so funny that I felt a compelling need to share it with the world. There was just a tiny problem, it was in Spanish, so once I stopped laughing, I slapped on some subtitles and stuck it back on YouTube (which is where it originally came from). So, if you've ever wondered what would happen if the Church were to embrace modern technology, now's your chance to find out. It's said that "a picture is worth a thousand words", so this must be worth at least a million:


  1. Hee, hee.

    First, thanks for the shout out.

    Secondly, I would totally be one of those women in the pew, eavesdropping on confessions for my own fun.

    Thirdly, I'm going to to say nice things.

  2. Hey, that was hilarious!
    Thanks for teh translation though and remember if you laughed at this you are going straight to inferno :)

  3. Nice. It almost makes me want to become a priest.

  4. Jocelyn: The mental image of college professors playing Corridor Crash was too good not to share.
    Yes, being one of the women in the pews would be fun, but I think I'd rather be the one behind the curtain (although I could never become a nun).

    Minka: Well, I'm not Catholic, so maybe I'll get points for this in Protestant Heaven. ;)
    I had to look at your code and Diesel's code to figure out the text window thing, but it worked.

    Doug: Muchas gracias.

    Dorky Dad: Yeah, it looks like the priest has a good time, but I think the nun is the one having the most fun.

  5. It's exactly this kind of stuff that prompted Martin Luther to start his 95 theses blog.

  6. BTW, you're the " welcomes..." blog for the week.

  7. ¡Eso era fant├ístico! not to mention hilarious! loveloveloved it, i really did! can't wait to show it to my oldest son, the "recovered" Catholic. : ) xox

  8. i meant no disrespect with my "recovered Catholic" comment. it's just that, well, to know my son, is to think that's funny. ; ) xox

  9. Diesel: I can just imagine Martin Luther in a similar situation, and then hightailing it out of the church to write his 95 theses.

    Wow, I'm honored to be welcomed by

    Neva: So, is your son recovering from being Catholic, or is he again Catholic after recovering from some other religion?

  10. oh, that was wonderful! thanks for the translation.

  11. Minijonb: Glad you enjoyed it, I just had to share it with the English-speaking world.

  12. That's really funny, Theresa! Thanks for the laugh:)

  13. Hi again Theresa...Is it me? Is it my computer? Is it blogger? It's driving me nuts that "comments" just disappears on it's help from me. I tried twenty minutes to get on your "comments". No success. I went over to mine and wrote my thoughts on your blog...they promptly vanished. Huh! Nothing prompt about it. I'd typed for five minutes. SCREAM AND SHOUT!!! It happened again, but, it came back. All I have to say is, bloody hell!

    I loved the pics of your family. Cute that the girls were colour co-ordinated.

    The green in one of your blogs will look great in my bedroom. I've been looking for that colour for weeks.

    The dresses of the sixties at least had some material in the skirts. The full skirts were so feminine. Some of that school of thought seems to be returning. I think styling went to straight skirts or mini skirts because they were cheap to make. But, you can't beat a lovely flowing skirt.

    I better stop before all this disappears. Good talking to you.......Judy

  14. Actionbell: Making people laugh makes me happy, I'm glad you liked it :)

    j.d. Thanks for being so persistent, those disappearing comments can be so annoying. I sometimes have the same problem, I think it could be due to Blogger being overloaded or something. I also can't figure out how to maximize the comment window. It works on other blogs, but not on mine.

    Color-coordinating is a way of life here. Lots of parents even dress their kids all the same; my husband, who is the third in his family, says he used to hate having the same clothes for years on end. At least if you get hand-me-downs, they should be different.

    The green blog is nice, but people liked this one better, so I'll stick with it for now. Hope the color looks nice in your bedroom.

    I'm glad those 60s dresses are back too, just not too happy with the 80s trend that's taking hold. Leggings under skirts - eew.

    Let's see if this doesn't disappear now...

  15. check this out....

    May all the greatness of your hearts desires come true, and they will.

    I love your blog

  16. Very funny. Great work on popping in the translation. You're one talented lady.

  17. Anonymous: Thanks, I love my blog too.

    G: I really laughed my head off when I watched it, and I couldn't resist doing a translation so others could laugh with me.