Friday, April 13, 2007

Psychedelic cats

My cats are doing weed.
At least that's what we think, but we're not sure just what kind of weed. Lately, when they come in at night they tear around the house with a wild look in their eyes. They chase invisible mice and Coco-Bond goes around opening all the doors and climbing up the inside of our downstairs closet. Even Monicat (we've taken to calling Cleo this way because she's almost as fat as Monica on Friends), who is the laziest cat I've ever seen, runs around like her tail is on fire.
This is no ordinary spring-is-here-type frolicking, these cats are really tripping out, and in the mornings Coco can't wait to go outside. Monicat, on the other hand, is really sleepy in morning and it seems like she has a hangover. So, either they are eating some strange plants outside or they have their own stash of magic mushrooms growing in the space under the shed.
I decided to look this cat craziness up on Internet, and found that catnip isn't the only thing that gives cats psychedelic experiences, there are lots of other plants that cats get a kick out of. Well, whatever weed they are doing they sure are happy cats.


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