Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No Lion, no Witch, but we do have a Wardrobe!

Our coats now have a new home...this lovely teakwood closet.

Hard as we've tried we haven't found any lion, witch or strange land inside, but it still looks great in our entrance hall. The cats love it too since it's open on the bottom and there's space behind the drawers. So, sometimes they climb up this space and the drawers start to open by themselves; it's almost like we have ghosts. The first time this happened it nearly scared the shit out of me.

By the way, this is another good example of excellent customer service in Spain. When the closet arrived we noticed that one of the drawers was broken, so I took it back to the store last Friday. On Monday I received a call to let me know it had already been fixed. Now, if that isn't good service then I don't know what is.


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  2. what a great closet, I can just picture it in your hallway.What do you use the drawers for? Gloves,shawls and things like that?

  3. What a beautiful wardrobe. The orange/red of the wood looks great with the green plants surrounding it.
    The girls are sure to have dreems of Narnia with that in the house!

  4. That is gorgeous, or should I say handsome??? Is that a Spanish piece?

  5. I don't really know if it was made in Spain or not. We bought it at a place called Banak, which specializes in colonial-style furniture.