Monday, April 30, 2007

If Philosophers Played Football...

Since Osasuna, Pamplona's football (I'm in Europe, so I'm talking about soccer) team, beat Sevilla 1-0 the other day in a semi-final for the UEFA cup, we've seen nothing but team colors all over town.

Actually, the whole city has been plastered with posters, flags, etc. for weeks. Even the city buses all have a team flag. Personally, I didn't find out who won until the next day, and the truth is I could care less, since I know nothing about football. I saw all those flags and thought, "Hmm, something must be going on" but I didn't even have a clue about the match until the very same day. 

Hard to tell I'm not a big football fan, isn't it?

What I do like about football is how silly people act about the whole thing, they lose all their inhibitions and start dancing in the streets, jumping into public fountains and other such displays of team pride (Okay, the guys in this picture aren't Osasuna fans, actually they're not even Spanish, but you get the idea).

It makes you just want to get up and jump in the fountain too.  Well, maybe with the weather we have in Pamplona that's not such a good idea.

Actually, Osasuna fans have a lot to be happy about; when we got here 14 years ago this was just a second-rate team, and it was pretty pitiful to see people getting all worked up about some game, only to lose time and again.  But now they've worked their way up to 1st division. Anyway, I thought this was the perfect excuse for sticking in this Monty Python clip (yet another one), about what would happen if philosophers played football. I also think it's much more fun to watch than any regular football match.


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