Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Infanta Sofía

We've all been on tenterhooks for the past few hours over here in Spain, waiting for Prince Felipe's second daughter to be born.
Reporters have literally been camped out in front of the Rúber Clinic in Madrid for the past week, hoping that the new Infanta would be born before this holiday weekend (No such luck, no holiday for them). As we rarely watch the news at my house we had no idea what was going on, until we switched on the t.v. at lunchtime today. On every channel all we could find was ,"We are standing outside the Rúber Clinic waiting for information on the birth of the Prince's second daughter", over and over again.
Now, I realize this is exciting news, far more important than anything else that could be happening anywhere else in the world, but after half and hour of repeating the fact that they are standing outside the clinic and nothing has happened yet, you would think they could take a few minutes to tell us what's going on elsewhere. We finally switched it off and a good thing too, since Spain's new Infanta wasn't born until 17:28. In keeping with being a modern Royal Family, the birth was announced by way of a SMS message sent to the reporters' cell phones.  Good way of avoiding further questions isn't it?
Congratulations to Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, and let me just say I hope the new Infanta doesn't look anything like the Infanta on this episode of Black Adder.


  1. It's actually really refreshing that something positive is being covered by the media! I'm so happy that we haven't heard much these days about Ana Nicole Smith. :0P Did you get a lot of coverage over there about her and the whole circus she created. I still can't believe people were so enthralled with her. It's nauseating!

  2. Like there wasn't enough pressure on that labouring mother already...

    I'd be swearing, "Listen, you salivating hounds, get away from the hospital NOWWWWWW, before I come out there and throw placenta at all of y'all!"

  3. ZOA: No, Ana Nicole hasn't really been a topic here, I guess a lot of people here don't even know who she was. Her death also coincided with the death of Princess Letizia's sister, so that was the big thing over here.

    Jocelyn: You are so right, just think, if it hadn't been for the paparazzi maybe Lady Di would still be alive. We should hang them all up by their heels until they shout "uncle!"