Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dress-fitting day.

Today was dress-fitting day.
Rocío's first communion is less than one month away, and things are starting to get hectic. We still have no restaurant.  I have been calling around but so far no luck. Most people reserve a year in advance, but we've only known the date for a few weeks, so we couldn't really prepare in advance.
I can just see us now, all dressed up with no place to go. But I have nothing to wear, which means going shopping, or I won't even be dressed at all.
At least the shopping part I don't mind, but I have no idea what to get. Should I go for a pretty dress or an elegant suit? This is like buying clothes for a wedding (Actually, the whole communion thing is a lot like having a wedding, you spend loads of money on clothes, the restaurant, pictures, etc. but at least you don't have to pay for a honeymoon).  Whatever you end up getting usually can't be worn again, unless you have lots of formal events going on, which we definitely don't.
With three kids we hardly even get a chance to go to the movies or out to lunch, let alone dinner parties, weddings, etc. . Well, we'll just have to make a mad dash for the finish line and cross our fingers hoping that by some miracle of fate everything falls into place.
At least Rocío has her dress, so that's one thing down.


  1. Very, very pretty. I remember my first communion and I certainly dreamed about it being my wedding day. Do the girls still get to wear veils?

  2. I would love to see your communion picture, did you wear a veil.? They don't wear veils anymore here. Some use little white gloves and have a small purse that they call a "limosnera" in Spanish, which is supposedly for any money they receive as a present. Nowadays, the presents are more along the lines of a Nintendo DS or a cell phone (a bit too much, in my opinion), so the little bag is just decorative. Things have kind of gotten out of hand and people spend a small fortune on this, it seems like the whole point gets lost along the way. We're trying to keep it simple, the dress belonged to my nieces and we're only having a few guests.

  3. What a nice surprise to see the picture of Rocio in her communion dress. She looks lovely and I'm sure you will put some flowers or beads or something in her hair.I hope you'll find a restaurant because it is very busy ofcourse. oh and is she going to have a limosnera and little white gloves??

  4. Yes, we'll put some little flowers in her hair, but I think we'll pass on the gloves and bag. We're going for simple here, so we don't her to look too overdone.

  5. The Spanish sure know how to do 'elegant.'
    It may not be practical, but it is incredibly beautiful. I have always admired these type of Spanish clothes.

  6. Ha! A picture I will never share. Well probably not, anyway. I'd have to dig through my mom's belongings to find it though. Hmmm, maybe that is a project for this summer when I go home for a visit.

    No veil? That is just not fair.

  7. Oh, please, pretty please. We need to see you in your communion dress.