Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wicked Wind of the North

Today the Wicked Wind of the North is blowing in Pamplona.
So, while the thermometers read around 10ºC, it feels closer to 0ºC (The picture is of the house in front of ours). Even the cats don't want to stay outside very long these days, and that is highly unusual. At least it looks like the wind is blowing away the rain clouds, so maybe it's not such a wicked wind after all, we'll just have to give it the benefit of the doubt. I think we'll have to make up a sun dance (definitely not a rain dance) and have the kids dance around the living room to see if that works, and if it doesn't we can always hope they'll tire themselves out (right, who am I kidding).
So, I guess we'll be staying at home as much as possible. Lucky for us, my order from Amazon just came, and now we have "Mad Libs" to play (those crazy little texts with blanks to fill in). I used to love these when I was a kid, and my friends and I would play this all the time. Of course, what we liked best was to fill in the blanks with words like "burp", "fart", "poop"... well, you get the idea. I found some online Mad Libs on Internet a few weeks ago and tried them out on the kids and they loved it, so we decided to get some more. What I didn't tell them were the words we used to use, they can just figure that out for themselves. Anyway, it's a good way for them to practice their English (Wow, it's educational, I'd better not tell them that) and it'll keep 'em busy when it's nasty weather out. I also ordered Lord Byron's "Don Juan". I decided to get it after watching Don Juan DeMarco (just love Johnny Depp) for the umpteenth time a few weeks ago, and in the credits (yes, some weird people like me actually read the credits) I saw the movie was based on this satiric epic poem. So, now's the time to curl up in front of the fire (oops, we don't have a fireplace, guess I'll just have to settle for a warm cat) and read a good book.
I started this post in the morning but didn't have time to finish. Now the kids are home and Rocío's in one of her moods again. She shut herself into the shed for a while and has just come back in. We can't help but wonder if this has something to do with the wind. On the other hand, at her last checkup the doctor said she's begun to "develop".  Develop into what, a snarling Tasmanian devil? Hormones are a dangerous thing.


  1. Perhaps it is in your archives, but I would love to know HOW you came to live in Spain. Your profile says you grew up in California, so I assume you are an American? But you mention that your children need to practice their English, so I'm all confused! In any regard, I am quite jealous that you live in such a vivid and lively land!

  2. Hi kfk,
    Yeah, I'm American, but my family is Dutch and we've always had a strong connection to Europe. I met my husband, who is Spanish, while in college, and after we married we moved to Spain. We decided to move because my husband had been offered a position in Pamplona as a university professor. We've been here for over 14 years now and our three girls were born here, and while they do speak English they go to school in Spanish and all their friends are Spanish. So, they can use all the practice they can get.

  3. Boy the weather in Pamplona is not so nice this week. We have nice sunny weather finally.I do remember you playing mad libs. I can imagine how the girls like it.

  4. Jim really loves Don Juan DeMarco too, and I also really liked it. I'd love to check out Lord Byron's Don Juan. Please post what you think about it; it would be interesting to hear how it is like the flim.

  5. I just started reading it, but it looks pretty funny. I think the movie is only loosely based on the book, though.