Thursday, March 8, 2007

These Boots are Made For Walking...

I've become obsessed with boots.
Ever since I bought myself a pair on sale a couple of weeks ago (got an 80 euro pair for 32 euros), I see them everywhere.
This morning I went to Pamplona to run some errands, and since it is still pouring rain I had the perfect excuse to wear my lovely new boots. I had the compelling urge to stop at every shop window to see if I could find another pair I like, but then I told myself that spring is coming, and we have lots of other important stuff to buy, and that one pair is enough (self-control kicking in here). But there are so many beautiful boots out there in every color, shape and size; and as they always say, a woman can never have too many pairs of shoes. I saw some flat white ones out there that were gorgeous, but what on earth would I ever wear those with. And the high-heeled ones, ahh those are marvelous, but then I remember that I don't wear heels (my husband is shorter than me for God's sake!). Then there are the furry ones (don't think those would look on me...nope, definitely not), tall ones, short ones, dressy ones, casual ones, Pamplona is full of boots.
So, did I find another pair of boots? Lucky for me, or maybe not so lucky, most of them are not in my size so that keeps me from buying more. I did spend most of my morning standing in front of shoe shops, getting my new boots soaking wet. But hey, my feet stayed dry.
Actually, what I did buy was a mat for the front door, not quite as exciting as new boots and not what I planned on getting this morning, but at least I can clean my boots on it. So, I found myself toting a huge paper bag with my new doormat all around Pamplona in the pouring rain. As I got off the bus, I noticed that the bag was so wet it was just about to fall apart, and I hoped it wouldn't break before I could get home. Now what on earth could have possessed me to buy a doormat on a day like this.

I did stop long enough to take this picture of the river near our house, because the sight was amazing, it usually hardly has any water, so this gives an idea of how much it's been raining.
P.S. The bag didn't break.


  1. Is that that little river that we pass when we go to the bakery etc? Amazing, I never really saw much water in it before. the boots are very nice.

  2. Better watch out, those boots are gonna walk all over you one of these days! I like the song you picked for today

  3. I just bought a very nice pair of boots myself and I am trying to figure out if I need them while in Spain. Really, I only have one outfit that would work with them and that is not enough of a reason to take up that much space in my suitcase. Ahhh, the painful decisions in life........

  4. I am obsessed with boots too! I have been wanting a pair of those high heeled ones all winter, but just didn't get up the nerve to buy them. I figured that it would be a bad idea to walk in those when I have Joseph in the backpack so often. I wish we could go boot shopping together!