Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Carmen is finally on the road.
We managed to cram all the stuff she had into a suitcase, albeit a bigger one than we expected, and then we had an early lunch (fajitas, yum!) before going over to the school a bit before 15:30. When we got there we found everyone standing around the bus wondering how all the luggage would ever fit; the luggage compartment was already full and there was still a mountainous pile left to go. The teachers were horrified to see the monstrous suitcases all the kids had brought, but the truth is we just packed what was on the list we were given (the hiking boots and extra coat take up half the bag for gods sake!).  Finally, they had to put part of the stuff in the aisle of the bus which we weren't overly thrilled about, but at this point there wasn't much else to be done. I don't understand how they ever thought 60 kids and all their luggage would ever fit on one bus.
Everyone and everything somehow finally ended up on the bus and all the parents waved goodbye, but the kids hardly even noticed (that's gratitude for ya). So, Carmen is finally on her way, and we can have a rest after all that packing; but not for long, because Thursday is RocĂ­o's birthday so we have to go shopping, plan a party, make a cake, etc.
Hey, maybe I'll just hop on a bus and go skiing too.


  1. I'm laughing! The picture by the bus is great!

  2. I hadn't even looked at the other picture because I was so excited of being able to see it all and read it all. Carmen looks so happy. I was so proud of my oldest granddaughter when I saw her!!!!!!!!