Sunday, March 25, 2007

Everybody Dance Now

If only the slugs in my garden could do this. The ones we get just eat all our flowers, and the cats don't even try to catch them (ungrateful little buggers, after all we do for them and they can't even keep the slugs out of our plants).


  1. you should try to feed them beer,the slugs I mean, not the cats!Put a small container in the yard and fill it with beer,then they drown in it I guess. I think you have to dig a hole and put the top of the container or glass even with the ground.Someone told me this once.I've never tried it because I feel sorry for the slugs,even if they eat my plants.

  2. Oh, I would feel sorry for them too, that's just too cruel for me. Now I just pick them up (not with my hands) and leave them outside the yard.