Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Beautiful Mess

Yes, my house is a bit of a mess, and it's not a beautiful one, actually it's not even pretty, but that's not what I wanted to write about today. Since there's nothing of great interest going on around here, aside from the fact that it's been raining most of the day(which is actually really boring), I've decided to write a little something about one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. I found this blog several weeks ago when I put the title of my blog into the Blogger search engine to see what came up. What I found was a post titled The Rain in Spain, so I checked it out just out of curiosity, and when I started reading I was hooked. This blog's author is a stay-at-home mother of four who has a very humoristic outlook on life and a great way with words. I've read quite a few of her posts and part of her memoirs and the truth is that lots of it had me just rolling on the floor with laughter. So, if you're looking for a cracking good read, just check out "A Beautiful Mess".

Update, March 25, 2012.  A Beautiful Mess no longer exists, at least the blog that was there is gone, although the link still works.  I have no idea as to what happened to Kristie, or why she stopped blogging, but it is a great loss to the blogosphere. 

I hope you're doing okay Kristie, and that you're still telling your amazing stories to people somewhere out there.


  1. Theresa,

    I'm so very honored! A feature article. How very cool. My outlook on life---If I can't laugh about it, I'd most certainly cry. But I can tell you there are plenty of times when I am NOT laughing!

    Thanks so much.

  2. You have to laugh when you've got kids, otherwise it would pretty unbearable sometimes when chaos overtakes everthing. The way you describe stuff is just great and makes me think of similar times with my own kids. So, keep writing and help us all laugh about our lives.