Sunday, February 11, 2007

Swiming on Sundays

We all went swimming this morning.

There's nothing quite like a good swim to relax on Sunday. It's so nice to be in a warm jacuzzi after doing some laps and looking outside at the cold. This is something we do quite often on the weekends, since we have the luxury of having the sports facility just down the street.

After our swim I leave the kids in the shower and go on to my favorite part, which is the steam room. I stay in there and relax for about ten or fifteen minutes and I still finish my shower before the kids do.
But yesterday I had a flashback to a few weeks ago, when I found a woman stark naked reading a book in the steam room. I was quite shocked, I have nothing against nudity, but really don't like the idea of sitting down where someone may have been sitting naked. Now every time I go in I wonder who has been there before me.
I just hope they do a good job cleaning everyday.


  1. Wow, didn't she at least have a towel under her? In the US it is pretty much understood that everyone will be naked, but there are always signs everywhere that you need to sit on a towel and people seem to follow the rules. I used to wonder sometimes too, though.

  2. Well, she was halfway sitting on her bathing suit, but her bottom was huge and the suit small so you can imagine what good that did. What's the point anyway, you still get the same benefits even if you wear your suit. But people are pretty disgusting anyway, they had to put up a sign saying no shaving or removing hair of any kind in the steam room or the showers.