Monday, February 5, 2007

Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Now it might seem cruel, having two cats and at the same time attracting birds to our yard with a bird feeder, but our cats have a bell so they don't have much chance of catching anything (well, at least not flying things).

We have a homemade bottle feeder, composed of a small water bottle, two plant dishes, and some wire. We also like to put up pine cone feeders,  which the birds just go crazy over. Here are the steps for making one:

1. Get some good size pine cones.
2. Attach a wire to the top, forming a loop.
3. Mix a large spoonful of peanut butter with birdseed (mash it together).
4. Cover the pine cones with the mixture, packing it in well.
5. Hang feeder from a tree and enjoy the sight.


  1. I tried this in Eureka before and it worked really well. I actually saw kits of this for sale at the wildbird supply store! I wish I could do it now, but we don't have any trees that I can see from my window. Well, maybe I can find a place

  2. That is funny that the name of the bird food is 'Friskies' (I just now noticed it.) I don't know if you remember, but probably the most popular brand of cat food in America is 'Friskies.'

  3. Actually, "Friskies" sells cat food, bird food, and I think also dog and hamster food (at least here in Spain). No discrimination here.