Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sony Ericsson Z610i -Wow!!

This is my latest acquisition, a super shiny, translucent Z610i. The three wise kings (and their 3 wise cats Melchorgato, Baltazargato, and Gaspargato) got me this phone for Christmas, but due to a delay in switching from Orange to Yoigo I couldn't pick it up till last week.

So far I am really impressed, this phone has great functions, a 2 mega pixel camera (I took the picture of the snow with it), and has the best design I've ever seen. To check out phone specs go here. (Mine's black, looks like polished onyx). As far as Yoigo (a new provider here in Spain) goes, so far so good, I've got good coverage and can send messages just fine, and they've got really good rates. Looks like their slogan "Verdad verdadera" (The real truth) is true, they really deliver.


  1. The weather isn't very good there is it. Just like in Holland, we had rain today again. Yesterday there was some sun though.That looks like a great phone!